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Other Interests
2011-     Marc Adams School of Woodworking, Masters Program Participant The Marc Adams School of Woodworking is one of the premier woodworking schools in North America, featuring world-class instructors and more than 135 different classes.  Phil was “bitten by the woodworking bug” in high school, when he made a cherry wood spice rack for his mother.  Phil and his wife still have that spice rack!  The MASW Masters program takes every woodworker’s skills to significantly higher levels.  Requirements include successful completion of classes in joinery, finishing, design, chair making, turning, carving, and apprenticeship to name a few.  Currently, more than 1,000 students are working towards that same goal. As a group, the alumni have developed into a very unique community. http://www.marcadams.com/index.php?submenu=Home&src=   2010-     Conundrum – A Unique Music Group Several years ago, friend and world class pianist, Phil Amalong, asked Phil to become part of the Conundrum Board.  The two Phils met in 2007 at a Steinway piano concert in which Phil Amalong was performing.  They quickly became friends, and served together on the Cincinnati Boychoir Board.  http://www.conundrummusic.com/index.php 2011-2012 Execute Like A Pro: A Gameplan for Success At an outdoor café in St. Louis in August 2011, Phil was having coffee with his friend, Bill Shreffler, a CEO and turnaround specialist.  The conversation turned to what Bill was doing and the business conditions he was facing.  That led Bill to mention the book he was starting to write with Hall of Fame Football Star, Jackie Smith.  Bill’s thematic management style was the basis for the book and the story of Bill’s proven success.  After a rapid exchange of ideas, Bill asked Phil to conduct the interviews, organize the information and to eventually ghost-author Bill’s book.  Execute Like A Pro is available on Amazon.   http://www.amazon.com/Execute-Like-Pro-Gameplan-Success/dp/1480284343 1994-2012 Symmes Township Finance and Board of Zoning Appeals Symmes Township is a thriving community located northeast of Cincinnati.   A resident since 1992, Phil was appointed as a founding member of the Finance Committee in 1994.  In 1998, the Township Administrator approached Phil to move from the Finance Committee to the Board of Zoning Appeals, where he served for 15 years. http://www.symmestownship.org/ 2008-2011 Steinway Society of Greater Cincinnati, Co-Founder, Chair, Treasurer Great music and Steinway pianos are part of a long and wonderful partnership.  During conversations with the local Steinway dealer, the decision was made to create a local Steinway nonprofit organization - specifically to assist in developing aspiring pianists.   Those efforts continue with another sponsoring organization.    2008-2009 Cincinnati BoyChoir, Board Member, Finance Committee When it began in 1965, the Cincinnati BoyChoir envisioned bringing the tradition of wonderful young boys’ choral music to our town.  The soaring voices of young boys have long been a part of musical history, with the Vienna Boy Choir seen as the epitome of the craft.  It was an honor and privilege for Phil to be part of this organization during its time of successful transition to its new and outstanding Executive and Creative Director, Chris Eanes.   1997-2000 Volunteers of America, Board Member, Finance Committee Nationally, Volunteers of America serve our country a variety of ways.  Today’s local chapters are generally given the latitude to identify and serve their communities in unique ways.   Phil spent several years on the Cincinnati chapter’s board as it expanded its support services in non-traditional areas of the community’s needs.
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